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Swedish Holstein

Swedish Holstein

Swedish Holstein

The Swedish Friesian originated in about 1870 with imports of black-and-white pied dairy cattle of Dutch Friesian and German Black Pied type.

A herd-book was established in 1880. The Swedish Friesian became the most numerous dairy breed in southern Sweden. Selective breeding in the 1940s and 1950s led to stock shorter in the leg and broader in the body than the original types. During the 1960s the breed spread through much of Sweden.In 2001 the Svensk Låglandsboskap constituted 47% of the national dairy herd, fractionally less than the Swedish Red-and-White.

In about 1970, importation to Sweden of semen from American Holstein-Friesian bulls began.Between 1970 and 2005, the proportion of Holstein alleles in Swedish Friesian cows rose from 6% to more than 90%.

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Is My Milk Antibiotic Free?

Yes. All milk is free of antibiotics regardless of production technique, farm size, etc. Every milk load is tested for antibiotics before processing. If traces are detected then the entire tank is discarded.

Is My Milk Hormone Free?

Yes our farm milk is 100% hormone free.

Is it Toxin Free Milk
Yes It is toxin free milk