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Jersy Cow

Jersy Cow

Jersey Cow

The Jersey is a breed of small dairy cattle. Originally bred in the Channel Island of Jersey, the breed is popular for the high butterfat content of its milk and the lower maintenance costs attending its lower bodyweight, as well as its genial disposition.

The Jersey cow ranges from only 400–500 kilograms (880–1,100 lb). The main factor contributing to the popularity of the breed has been their greater economy of production.The cows are calm and docile animals, but tend to be a little more nervous than other dairy cow breeds. The cows are also highly recommended cows for first time owners and marginal pasture.

The breed currently average 7,655 litters/year throughout 3.2 lactation, with pedigree animals averaging 8,125 litters/year over an average 3.43 lactation. By adding, lifetime production there for stand at around 26,000 litters

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why are Dairy Cows So Emaciated?
Is My Milk Antibiotic Free?

Yes. All milk is free of antibiotics regardless of production technique, farm size, etc. Every milk load is tested for antibiotics before processing. If traces are detected then the entire tank is discarded.

Is My Milk Hormone Free?

Yes our farm milk is 100% hormone free.

Is it Toxin Free Milk
Yes It is toxin free milk