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Farm Management Training

Farm Management Training

A Milk cooling centre with a capacity of 1000 - 3000 litres will serve up to 300 small holder farmers ensuring that the quality of their milk when produced under hygienic conditions is well preserved and accepted at the processing plant.

It is important to remember that under a hot environment milk will spoil within 3-4 hours. So any means of cooling that will lower the temperature of milk from 38° C at milking will help to prevent multiplication of bacteria. There are several options available.

In highland areas such as Kinangop, Limuru , Tiniboroa where the water temperature can be as low as 10° C, the milk may be cooled down to 2° C using water temperature by one of the following techniques.In hot areas like in the coast, Western Province, North Eastern, Nyanza, cooling of milk blow 3-5° C below ambient temperature may be achieved through use of charcoal lined evaporative cooling cabinet.

Milk cooled on the farm or cooling centre may be transported in milk cans or in bulk tankers. Bulk tankers are insulated, so the milk will remain cold until it reaches the plant (provided the transport is fast, i.e. short distance or good roads enabling milk to be delivered before the temperature of milk rises above 10° C).123