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Dutch Fresion

Dutch Fresion

Dutch Friesian

The Dutch Friesian was breed for many years as a dual-purpose, it is now a prime milk-producing breed with milk yields highest in the cows of North Holland with a yield per lactation of 5,222 kg with a fat yield of 4.09%.

The exact origins of the breed are difficult to determine but it is known that in the 18th century, herds of small black-and-white cattle were brought into northern Holland and Friesland from northern Jutland to replace animals that had fallen victim to disease and flooding. These animals were crossed with the existing Dutch cattle and formed the basis of the Dutch Friesian. Before the establishment of the Netherlands herdbook in 1873 and the Friesland herdbook in 1879, both black-pied and red-pied animals were maintained separately.

Production levels of this breed declined during the 1950s when excessive emphasis was placed on correct color pattern. During the 1970s Holsteins were imported from the United States and used to improved the milk production.

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Why are Dairy Cows So Emaciated?
Is My Milk Antibiotic Free?

Yes. All milk is free of antibiotics regardless of production technique, farm size, etc. Every milk load is tested for antibiotics before processing. If traces are detected then the entire tank is discarded.

Is My Milk Hormone Free?

Yes our farm milk is 100% hormone free.

Is it Toxin Free Milk
Yes It is toxin free milk