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Welcome To Pak Dairies

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About us

About us

Welcome to Pak Dairies

Pak Dairies is the best milk production farm in Sargodha region, which is famous for its high-quality milk production from Holstein Friesian, Jersey cows. It has started farming since 2012, with the commitment of providing fresh supply of wholesome, quality milk and to remain true to our values.

Treating cows with respect and compassion is part of our farm. We pay special attention to the diets and living conditions of our cows, we provide healthy, nutritious feed and fresh clean water as they are the first step toward good quality milk production. We maintain a clean atmosphere and cow comfort through modern technologies to our cows and in result we get outstanding performance from our happy cows.

Milk is among the most highly regulated foods in the country. Maintaining milk’s freshness and quality is our job that starts at the farm and continues till delivered to customers.